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Adam Newey Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. A much loved, popular novel that almost transcended the cult label. He meets and mocks both his fellow English travellers on their Grand Tours and the French philosophes whom he visits in their Paris salons Sterne, as the celebrated author of Tristram Shandy, had recently cut a swathe through fashionable Parisian society. Oddly enough, these are usually attractive young women who are happy to have their pulses felt by a sympathetic gentleman. David Balfour, an orphan, comes to live with his villainous uncle, Ebenezer of Shaws.

Having failed to murder his ward himself, Ebenezer has his nephew kidnapped, as a white slave, on the brig Covenant. The vessel runs down a rowing boat containing a Jacobite rebel, Alan Breck. He and David conspire to escape their captors and, on land, the brutal English soldiery who are still ravaging Scotland. Alan takes refuge in France. Also on board their vessel, the Hispaniola, is the villainous, one-legged sea-cook, Long John Silver, who takes over the vessel. Without it, we would never have had Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then on his last voyage he meets the Houyhnhnms, virtuous and perfectly rational talking horses, and his pride collapses into misanthropy and self-loathing. He and we are just Yahoos, the malevolent, cunning, libidinous beasts with whom the Houyhnhnms are fated to share their land. Its dispassionate eye follows peasants, emperors, soldiers, and priests through decades, taking in life and death in all its forms. This is no heroic tale of good versus evil, of strategies and battle formations, but a vivid depiction of the banality, tedium and senselessness of war. Its everyman hero, Pierre played unforgettably on TV by Anthony Hopkins , blunders along, struggling to find meaning in his life, and each of the dozen or so central characters battle their own demons, searching for truth and peace.

Their struggles are timeless, as is the unforgettable love story at its heart. Imogen Tilden Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Huck escapes, and drifts by raft down the Mississippi, with a runaway slave, Jim. After various adventures and reunion with Tom all comes well. At the end, the two young heroes intend to light out to the Indian territory — a sequel Twain never wrote. Master of the voyage imaginaire , Verne also revealed himself adept at mingling high adventure with Thomas Cook-style tourism. Fogg, having read of a new railway link in the Indian subcontinent, wagers his fellow Reform Club members that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days.

The itinerary is meticulously chronicled. Fogg arrives back to foggy London, as he thinks, a day late — but he has forgotten that he has crossed the date line. He makes it to the club with seconds to spare. A williwaw is a snow-laden hurricane, and 50 years before The Perfect Storm was a bestseller, Vidal showed us how it should be done. Our fresh-faced hero embarks on his picaresque journey across Europe and Latin America, which sees Enlightenment optimism sorely tested by — among other delights — rape, murder, syphilis, cannibalism, the wanton destructiveness of natural forces and the human cost of the western addiction to sugar.

He is, perhaps, mad. Or, as he believes, he has been given the power of clairvoyance and time travel by extraterrestrial Tralfamadorians, whose prisoner he is. The Tralfamadorians have destroyed the universe by their bombing error but can enjoy the good moments of their previous existences.

The narrative recoils from graphic description of wartime atrocity to fanciful space opera. As Konnegut records, it was an immensely painful novel to write and, for all its incidental comedy and literary skill, remains painful to read. But necessary, none the less. Basil Seal, posh and feckless, has been a leader writer on the Daily Beast, a champagne salesman, a tour guide, a secret policeman in Bolivia, and an adviser on modernisation to the emperor of Azania — all way relationship between a young southern writer, a Polish Auschwitz survivor and a Jewish New Yorker interweaves a host of complex themes survivor guilt, ancestral guilt, madness and betrayal.

The movie was Oscar-nominated; the book was banned in libraries across the States. But this is not just about provocative comparisons. Guy Crouchback is the last of an ancient English Catholic family — miserable, childless, divorced and forbidden by his religion to remarry. Under his Darwinian scalpel, animals are raised to quasi-humanity. Moreau is killed by a puma he is tormenting and rebellion breaks out. The animals revert to their natural animalism.

After their school takes a hit during an air-raid, McGill and his friends make use of the free time to wage their own war against the enemy. The Machine Gunners, which was adapted into a BBC television serial in , brilliantly evokes Tyneside in the second world war and the disruption to ordinary family life, while capturing the complicated relationships that exist between children and adults. James Smart Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop.

Voss, a German explorer, sets out in to cross the uncharted Australian desert. Before leaving, he meets Laura Trevelyan, a young Englishwoman newly arrived in the colony, and they fall in love. This book has all the freshness of a literary pioneer. Jean Macquart, earthy and pragmatic, wins the respect of the intellectual and mercurial Maurice Levasseur. Andrew Pulver Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Set aboard a vast generation starship millennia after blast-off, the novel follows Roy Complain on a voyage of discovery from ignorance of his surroundings to some understanding of his small place in the universe.

Complain is spiteful and small-minded but grows in humanity as his trek through the ship brings him into contact with giant humans, mutated rats and, ultimately, a wondrous view of space beyond the ship. Eric Brown Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Hari Seldon invents the science of psychohistory with which to combat the fall into barbarianism of the Human Empire, and sets up the Foundation to foster art, science and technology. Wish-fulfilment of the highest order, the novels are a landmark in the history of science fiction.

EB Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. On planet Zycron, tyrannical Snilfards subjugate poor Ygnirods, providing intercoital entertainment for a radical socialist and his lover. We assume she is Laura Chase, daughter of an Ontario industrialist, who records their sex and sci-fi stories in a novel, The Blind Assassin. Iris is 83 in the cantankerous present-day narrative, and ready to set the story straight about the suspicious deaths of her sister, husband and daughter.

In this Booker prize-winning novel about novels, Atwood bends genre and traps time, toying brilliantly with the roles of writing and reading. Natalie Cate Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Anna Blume, 19, arrives in a city to look for her brother. She finds a ruin, where buildings collapse on scavenging citizens. All production has stopped. Nobody can leave, except as a corpse collected for fuel.

Suicide clubs flourish. Anna buys a trolley and wanders the city, salvaging objects and information. She records horrific scenes, but also a deep capacity for love. This small hope flickers in a world where no apocalyptic event is specified. NC Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Consider Phlebas introduced the first of many misguided or untrustworthy heroes — Horza, who can change his body just by thinking about it — and a typically Banksian collision involving two giant trains in an subterranean station.

PD Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. A magic carpet is the last refuge of a people known as the Seerkind, who for centuries have been hunted by both humans and the Scourge, a mysterious being that seems determined to live up to its name. Nicola Barker has been accused of obscurity, but this Booker-shortlisted comic epic has a new lightness of touch and an almost soapy compulsiveness.

A jumble of voices and typefaces, mortal fear and sarky laughter, the novel is as true as it is truly odd, and beautifully written to boot. He sends him back to the far future in an attempt to save the Eloi woman Weena, only to find himself in a future timeline diverging from the one he left. Bear combines intelligence, humour and the wonder of scientific discovery in a techno-thriller about a threat to the future of humanity. A retro-viral plague sweeps the world, infecting women via their sexual partners and aborting their embryos.

Somehow surviving, he swiftly gets down to it. Those who stumble across it are inevitably surprised to find it was written half a century ago. Along the way he joins up with a group of vampires, finds his true family and discovers what he really values, amid much blood, sex, drugs and drink. Keith Brooke Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Al Barker is a thrillseeking adventurer recruited to investigate an alien labyrinth on the moon. Barker is the first person to survive the trauma of witnessing their own death, returning again and again to explore.

Rogue Moon works as both thriller and character study, a classic novel mapping out a new and sophisticated SF, just as Barker maps the alien maze. KB Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. When the Devil comes to s Moscow, his victims are pillars of the Soviet establishment: a famous editor has his head cut off; another bureaucrat is made invisible. This is just a curtain-raiser for the main event, however: a magnificent ball for the damned and the diabolical.

For his hostess, his satanic majesty chooses Margarita, a courageous young Russian whose lover is in a psychiatric hospital, traumatised by the banning of his novel. No prizes for guessing whom Bulgakov identified with; although Stalin admired his early work, by the s he was personally banning it. In this pioneering work of British science fiction, the hero is a bumptious American mining engineer who stumbles on a subterranean civilisation.

Also present are ray guns, aerial travel and ESP. Ironically, the hero finds utopia too boring. He is rescued from death by the Princess Zee, who flies him to safety. One of a flurry of novels written by Burgess when he was under the mistaken belief that he had only a short time to live. Set in a dystopian socialist welfare state of the future, the novel fantasises a world without religion. JS Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. In one of the first split-screen narratives, Burgess juxtaposes three key 20th-century themes: communism, psychoanalysis and the millennial fear of Armageddon.

JJ Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. John Carter, a Confederate veteran turned gold prospector, is hiding from Indians in an Arizona cave when he is mysteriously transported to Mars, known to the locals as Barsoom. Butler single-handedly brought to the SF genre the concerns of gender politics, racial conflict and slavery. Several of her novels are groundbreaking, but none is more compelling or shocking than Kindred. The hero Higgs finds himself in New Zealand as, for a while, did the chronic misfit Butler. Does it sound familiar? Higgs escapes by balloon, with the sweetheart he has found there.

It is a boy quarrels with his aristocratic parents and climbs a tree, swearing not to touch the earth again. He ends up keeping his promise, witnessing the French revolution and its Napoleonic aftermath from the perspective of the Italian treetops. In this novel, the domineering old spinster Queenie dies — a relief to those around her. Her niece Alison inherits the house, but soon starts to suspect that the old woman is taking over her eight-year-old daughter Rowan.

A paranoid, disturbing masterpiece. Alice, while reading in a meadow, sees a white rabbit rush by, feverishly consulting a watch. She follows him down a hole Freudian analysis, as elsewhere in the story, is all too easy , where she grows and shrinks in size and encounters creatures mythological, extinct and invented. Morbid jokes and gleeful subversion abound. More donnish in tone, this fantasy follows Alice into a mirror world in which everything is reversed. Her journey is based on chess moves, during the course of which she meets such figures as Humpty Dumpty and the riddling twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

More challenging intellectually than the first instalment, it explores loneliness, language and the logic of dreams. The year is — and other times. Fevvers, aerialiste, circus performer and a virgin, claims she was not born, but hatched out of an egg. She has two large and wonderful wings.

In fact, she is large and wonderful in every way, from her false eyelashes to her ebullient and astonishing adventures. The journalist Jack Walser comes to interview her and stays to love and wonder, as will every reader of this entirely original extravaganza, which deftly and wittily questions every assumption we make about the lives of men and women on this planet. The golden age of the American comic book coincided with the outbreak of the second world war and was spearheaded by first- and second-generation Jewish immigrants who installed square-jawed supermen as bulwarks against the forces of evil.

It celebrates the transformative power of pop culture, and reveals the harsh truths behind the hyperreal fantasies. XB Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. One of the first major works to present alien arrival as beneficent, it describes the slow process of social transformation when the Overlords come to Earth and guide us to the light.

At the centre of all is the terrifying Sunday, a superhuman force of mischief and pandemonium. Two rival magicians flex their new powers, pursuing military glory and power at court, striking a dangerous alliance with the Faerie King, and falling into passionate enmity over the use and meaning of the supernatural.

This classic by an unjustly neglected writer tells the story of Drove and Pallahaxi-Browneyes on a far-flung alien world which undergoes long periods of summer and gruelling winters lasting some 40 years. This is just the kind of jargon-free, humane, character-driven novel to convert sceptical readers to science fiction. This is a story about the end of the world, and the general falling-off that precedes it, as year-old Karen loses first her virginity, then consciousness.

When she reawakens more than a decade later, the young people she knew and loved have died, become junkies or or simply lost that new-teenager smell. Wondering what the future holds? A curly tail, trotters and a snout are not far off. Joanna Biggs Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. The setting is a post-apocalyptic future, long past the age of humans. The novel follows Lobey, who as Orpheus embarks on a quest to bring his lover back from the dead. With lush, poetic imagery and the innovative use of mythic archetypes, Delaney brilliantly delineates the human condition.

Here California is under-populated and most animals are extinct; citizens keep electric pets instead. In order to afford a real sheep and so affirm his empathy as a human being, Deckard hunts rogue androids, who lack empathy. As ever with Dick, pathos abounds and with it the inquiry into what is human and what is fake.

The Axis has won the second world war. Imperial Japan occupies the west coast of America; more tyrannically, Nazi Germany under Martin Bormann, Hitler having died of syphilis takes over the east coast. The Californian lifestyle adapts well to its oriental master. Germany, although on the brink of space travel and the possessor of vast tracts of Russia, is teetering on collapse.

The novel is multi-plotted, its random progression determined, Dick tells us, by consultation with the Chinese I Ching. And in the character of Isserley — her curiosity, resignation, wonderment and pain — he paints an immensely affecting portrait of how it feels to be irreparably damaged and immeasurably far from home. Determined to extricate himself from an increasingly serious relationship, graduate Nicholas Urfe takes a job as an English teacher on a small Greek island.

Walking alone one day, he runs into a wealthy eccentric, Maurice Conchis, who draws him into a succession of elaborate psychological games that involve two beautiful young sisters in reenactments of Greek myths and the Nazi occupation. Appearing after The Collector, this was actually the first novel that Fowles wrote, and although it quickly became required reading for a generation, he continued to rework it for a decade after publication.

Before long, he is embroiled in a battle between ancient and modern deities: Odin, Anansi, Anubis and the Norns on one side, TV, the movies and technology on the other. The three narrative strands — young lovers in the s, the chaos of thebetweenalcoholics, English civil war and soldiers going native in a Vietnam-tinged Roman Britain — circle around Mow Cop in Cheshire and an ancient axehead found there.

Dipping in and out of time, in blunt, raw dialogue, Garner creates a moving and singular novel. A fast-paced thriller starring a washed-up hacker, a cybernetically enhanced mercenary and an almost omnipotent artificial intelligence, it inspired and informed a slew of films and novels, not least the Matrix trilogy. When the adults finally arrive, childish tears on the beach hint less at relief than fear for the future. When Haldeman returned from Vietnam, with a Purple Heart for the wounds he had suffered, he wrote a story about a pointless conflict that seems as if it will never end.

Known for his intricate short stories and critically acclaimed mountaineering novel Climbers, Harrison cut his teeth on SF. In typical fashion, he writes space opera better than many who write only in the genre. For all its star travel and alien artefacts, scuzzy 25th-century spaceports and drop-out space pilots, Light is actually about twisting three plotlines as near as possible to snapping point.

This is as close as SF gets to literary fiction, and literary fiction gets to SF. Jon Courtenay Grimwood Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Amateur stonemason, waterbed designer, reformed socialist, nudist, militarist and McCarthyite, Heinlein is one of the most interesting and irritating figures in American science fiction. This swinging 60s bestseller working title: The Heretic is typically provocative, with a central character, Mike Smith, who is raised by Martians after the death of his parents and questions every human assumption — about sex, politics, society and spirituality — on his arrival on Earth.

Set on the desert world of Arrakis, this complex novel combines politics, religion, ecology and evolution in the rise to power of Paul Atreides, who becomes a revolutionary leader and a prophet with the ability to foresee and shape the future. Epic in scope, Dune is primarily an adventure story, though Herbert was one of the first genre writers convincingly to tackle the subject of planetary ecology in his depiction of a drought-stricken world.

After the Bomb — long, long after — humanity is still huddled in medieval-style stockades, cold, ignorant, superstitious and speaking in degraded English, the patois in which this book is written. Yet his story is still poignant. This is what happens to Robert Wringhim, who is brought up in the Calvinist belief in predestination. When he encounters a devilish figure known as Gil-Martin, Wringhim is easily tempted into undertaking a campaign to purge the world of the Reprobate — those not selected for salvation.

After a series of rapes and murders, and seemingly pursued by demons, Wringhim yields to the ultimate temptation of suicide. Sexist, racist, snob, Islamophobe … Houellebecq has been called many things, with varying degrees of accuracy. The charge of misanthropy is hard to deny, given his repeated portrayal of humankind as something that has lost its way, perhaps even its right to exist. Atomised — set in the world we know but introduced by a member of the superior species that will supplant us — provides two more examples of our inadequacy in half-brothers Michel and Bruno, an introverted biologist and a sex-addict teacher.

Conflict has been eradicated with the aid of sexual hedonism and the drug Soma; babies are factory-bred in bottles to produce a strict class hierarchy, from alpha to epsilon. It is the year AF After Ford Eventually he recalls that he is an eminent concert pianist, scheduled to perform. The man is shepherded through an expanding and contracting world, his own memories and moods changing like the weather. Yet the dream-logic is rooted in real, poignant, human dilemmas.

One for readers who have grown out of Philip K Dick. CO Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Hill House is haunted, but by what? The ghosts of the past or the people of the present? Here is a delicious, quietly unnerving essay in horror, an examination of what makes us jump. Jackson sets up an old dark house in the country, garnishes it with some creepy servants, and then adds a quartet of intrepid visitors. But her lead character — fragile, lonely Eleanor — is at once victim and villainess. By the end, the person she is scaring most is herself.

Are the ghosts that a new governess in a country house believes to be steadily corrupting her young charges apparitions, hallucinations or projections of her own dark urges? The book divides SF critics and puzzles fans of her crime novels, but remains one of the great British dystopias and a trenchant satire on our times and values. JCG Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. In the centre of England, a vast crystalline lake has formed. A strong candidate for the most beautiful of all Victorian novels.

Owing debts to Jimi Hendrix and offering a decidedly 60s summer festival vibe, Bold as Love is the first in a series of novels that mix politics with myth, counterculture and dark age sensibilities. It deservedly won Jones the Arthur C Clarke award. On the morning of his 30th birthday, Josef K is arrested by two sinister men in dapper suits.

What for? PO Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. The story has two central characters. Algernon is a mouse, whose intelligence is surgically enhanced to the level of rodent genius. The same technique is applied to Charlie Gordon, a mentally subnormal fast-food kitchen hand. The narrative, told by Charlie as his IQ soars, traces the discontents of genius.

Alas, the effects of the surgery are shortlived, and the end of the story finds Charlie back in the kitchen — mentally challenged but, in his way, happy. Being smart is not everything. The hotel is haunted by unexorcised demons from brutal murders committed there years ago. Torrance is possessed and turns, homicidally, on his wife and child. Jack is beyond salvation. The film was brilliantly filmed by Stanley Kubrick in A young married woman, Melanie, scours antiques shops to furnish her new home and comes back with an old chaise-longue, which is perfect apart from an unsightly reddish-brown stain.

She falls asleep on it and wakes up in an unfamiliar house, an unfamiliar time — and an unfamiliar body. At first she assumes she must be dreaming. But gradually she starts to piece together the story of Milly, the young Victorian woman in the last stages of consumption whom she has apparently become, and the nature of the disgrace she has brought on the household run by her fearsomely stern elder sister. Why does the sight of the doctor make her pulse beat faster? And can she find a way back to her own life? AN Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop.

This is frequently judged the best ghost story of the Victorian period. On the sudden death of her father, Maud, an heiress, is left to the care of her Uncle Silas, until she comes of age. Sinister in appearance and villainous by nature, Silas first plans to marry Maud to his oafish son, Dudley who is, it emerges, already married. When this fails, father and son, together with the French governess Madame de la Rougierre, conspire to murder their ward with a spiked hammer. Told by the ingenuous and largely unsuspecting Maud, the narrative builds an impending sense of doom.

Set in a near-future in a disintegrating city, where lawlessness prevails and citizens scratch a living from the debris, this dystopia is the journal of an unnamed middle-class narrator who fosters street-kid Emily and observes the decaying world from her window. Despite the pessimistic premise and the description of civilisation on the brink of collapse, with horror lurking at every turn, the novel is an insightful and humane meditation on the survivability of the species. The world has entered the Second Enlightenment after the Faith Wars.

In the Republic of Scotland, Detective Inspector Adam Ferguson investigates the murders of religious leaders, suspecting atheists but uncovering a plot involving artificial intelligence. Before his current incarnation as a thriller writer specialising in conspiracy theories and psychopathic gore, Marshall Smith wrote forward-thinking sci-fi which combined high-octane angst with humour both noir and surreal.

His debut features a bizarre compartmentalised city with different postcodes for the insane, the overachievers, the debauched or simply those with unusual taste in interior design; as well as adventures in the realm of dreams, a deep love of cats and a killer twist. Robert Neville is the last man standing, the lone survivor in a world overrun by night-crawling vampires. But if history is written by the winners, what does that make Neville: the hero or the monster? Clearly this was too much for the recent Will Smith movie adaptation, which ran scared of the very element that makes the book unique.

Francie Brady is a rambunctious kid in s Ireland. McCabe leads us on a freewheeling tour of a scattered, shattered consciousness, as Francie grows from wayward child to dangerous adult — nursing his grievances and plotting his revenge. Chances are that old Mrs Nugent has a surprise in store. These two figures are pushing south towards the sea, but the sea is poisoned and provides no comfort. In the end, all they have and, by implication, all the rest of us have is each other. During the Korean war and then the space programme, Yeremin closes down his emotions even as his horizons expand, from the Arctic skies to the moon itself.

The second of his sprawling steampunk fantasies detailing the alternate universe of Bas-Lag follows Armada, a floating pirate city, in its search for a rip in reality. Miller breathes new life into the Gothic antihero with his beautifully written Impac-winning first novel.

Technology emerges. In an epilogue, a spaceship leaves Earth with a cargo of monks, children and the Leibowitzian relics. The Wandering Jew makes recurrent and enigmatic appearances. Then it hops all the way back down again, resolving each story in turn. These include a camp Ealing-style misadventure, an American thriller and an interview with a clone, all connected by a mysterious comet-shaped tattoo.

Moorcock spills out such varied books that he often feels impossible to nail down, which is probably the point. Mother London, his most literary — it was shortlisted for the Whitbread — shows him at the height of his powers. Having gone to sleep on the London underground, the narrator awakes to find himself in 20th-century Hammersmith.

He bathes in the now crystalline Thames and spends a day in what used to be the British Museum, airily discussing life and politics. He then travels up the river to Runnymede, where Magna Carta was signed, going on from there to some idyllic haymaking in Oxford. Sweet Home is a deceptive name for the Kentucky plantation where horrific crimes have been committed, as Beloved is for this shocking and unforgettable account of the human consequences of slavery.

Sethe lives in Ohio in the s; she has escaped from slavery, but cannot escape the past, which quite literally haunts her. It sparks off a page adventure that sees him trapped at the bottom of a well, marked with a strange blue stain and taken on many otherworldly adventures, all in search of his missing wife.

Murakami has the Japanese trick of writing about surreal events in a matter-of-fact way, making them all the more disturbing. Ada or Ardor is part sci-fi romance, part Proustian memoir. It plays out on a fantasy planet, a marriage of contemporary America and pre-revolutionary Russia, and details the love affair of precocious Van Veen and his sister Ada, chasing them from lustful puberty to decrepit old age. It is a gorgeous display of narrative wizardry, at once opulent, erotic, playful and wise. A moving affirmation of the continuities of love against unusual odds.

JH Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. But this novel, which won Hugo and Nebula awards, reminds us he was once one of the most exciting names in hard sci-fi. Part of the Known Space series, it follows a group of humans and aliens as they explore a mysterious ring-shaped environment spinning around a star like a giant hula-hoop. Set in Manchester in the near-future and in a phantasmagorical virtual reality, Vurt is the story of Scribble, his gang the Stash Riders and his attempt to find his sister Desdemona, who is lost in a drug-induced VR.

Set in a rural Ireland that is also a vision of hell, it features policemen turning into bicycles; that SF standby, the universal energy source; and any number of scientific and literary in-jokes. According to Yoruba tradition, a spirit child is one who has made a pact with his fellows in their other, more beautiful world, to rejoin them as soon as possible. Azaro breaks the pact, choosing to remain in this place of suffering and poverty, but the African shanty town where he lives with his parents teems with phantoms, spirits and dreams.

An angry, impassioned fantasy of how to take down corporate America, and an ingenious modern version of the myth of the double. Thwarted in love, the hero Scythrop reads The Sorrows of Werther and considers suicide, but settles for the comforts of madeira instead. Sinister and sensual, overwrought and overwritten, Titus Groan is a guilty pleasure — a dank, dripping Gothic cathedral of a novel. He inherits Gormenghast castle and its extraordinary household: emaciated Flay, with his whip-crack joints; the morbidly obese cook, Swelter; feverish, moody young Fuchsia; cackling Dr Prunesquallor, and many others.

But at its heart is a chilling glimpse of the nature of evil. With this gargantuan novel, Powys set out to take a location he knew well from his boyhood and make it the real hero of the story. It tells the story of Glastonbury through a year of turmoil, setting mystic mayor John Geard against industrialist Philip Crow.

Geard wants to turn the town into a centre for Grail worship, while Crow wants to exploit and develop the local tin mines. Complex and rich, this is a landmark fantasy novel. The novel is as much a study of their obsession as a brilliant examination of magic and rationalism.

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A Benedictine monk who gave it up to study medicine, Rabelais wrote this satirical tale of the giant Pantagruel and his even more monstrous and grotesque father Gargantua on the cusp between eras. In his portrayal of Gargantua, a belching, farting scholar given to urinating over the masses below his ivory tower, he satirises medieval learning as well as the emerging Renaissance thirst for knowledge.

A drink! Remind you of anything more contemporary? NB Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. This was the novel that brought the one-time astrophysicist to the attention of the SF mainstream. Robinson asks: what if the Black Death destroyed 14th-century European culture and the Mongols reached the Atlantic shores? What follows is a history of our world with Islam and Buddhism as the dominant religions and the major scientific discoveries and art movements we take for granted happening elsewhere. Necessarily schematic in places, but a stunning achievement all the same.

Every now and then, a book comes along that is so influential you have to read it to be part of the modern world. It is also a truly global phenomenon, and a nice little earner for the tribe of British character actors who have had the good fortune to be cast in the films. Claire Armitstead Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop.

The offensive core of the novel depicts, under thin disguise, the prophet Muhammad, and wittily if blasphemously questions the revealed truth of the Koran. Stranded in the Sahara, a pilot meets a boy. He claims to have come from an asteroid, which he shared with a talking flower, and to have visited many other worlds — one inhabited only by a king, another by a businessman, a third by a drunkard … On Earth, he has chatted with a snake and tamed a fox.

Blindness is black, says an onlooker to the man who has suddenly ceased to see while sitting in his car at the traffic lights; but this blindness is white, a milky sea in the eye. Soon everyone is affected and the city descends into chaos. His flowing, opaque style can be challenging, but this parable of wilful unseeing, which resists reductive interpretations, is full of insight and poetry.

When Lily Bloom dies, she simply moves house: to a basement flat in Dulston, north London borough for the deceased, which she shares with a calcified foetus and her surly, long-dead son. The classic Gothic tale of terror, Frankenstein is above all a novel of ideas. Victor Frankenstein is a young Swiss student who resolves to assemble a body from dead parts and galvanise it into life. As well as an exploration of nature and nurture, the book can be read as a reaction to motherhood and a comment upon creativity. High SF at its best. The world is gone, destroyed in an accident that gave humanity farcasters, controlled singularities that enable instant travel across galactic distances.

The internet is now a hive mind of advanced AIs that control the gates and keep a vast empire in existence. But someone or something is playing with time, and all is not as it seems. Hyperion won the Hugo award for best novel. Not so much a novel as a treatise on the nature and evolution of intelligence in the universe, Star Maker takes an unnamed Englishman on a tour of space and time as he observes human and alien civilisations rise and fall over a period of one hundred billion years.

A short, dense book, it repays several readings. Fast, furious and containing more ideas in a single sentence than most writers manage in an entire book, Snow Crash has been credited with helping to inspire online worlds such as Second Life and established Stephenson as a cult figure.

This classic novel of horrific possession is supposed to have come to the author in a nightmare. It takes the form of a posthumous confession by Dr Henry Jekyll, a successful London physician, who experiments privately with dual personality, devising a drug that releases his depraved other self, Edward Hyde. The murderous Hyde increasingly dominates the appalled Jekyll, who finally kills himself to escape his double.

Others have seen it as a depiction of ineradicable dualisms in the Scottish character. The solicitor Jonathan Harker is sent to Transylvania on property business with Count Dracula and is vampirised by his client an interesting reversal of the normal estate agent-purchaser relationship. The count sails to England and embarks on a reign of bloodsucking terror, before being chased back to his lair by the Dutch vampirologist Dr van Helsing, and decapitated. He would, of course, rise again. This unusual writer excels at the creation of skewed, dreamlike parallel worlds.

In his fourth novel, the rootless, emotionally frozen Martin Blom is blinded by a stray bullet: his doctor warns of hallucinations of vision, and indeed he soon finds that he can see — but only in the dark. A new nocturnal existence and highly charged affair with a nightclub waitress follow, in a phantasmagorical meditation on repression and transgression, absence and invisibility. Hank Morgan, an engineer from 19th-century Connecticut, is knocked out in a crowbar fight and mysteriously transported to sixth-century England.

Vonnegut considered Sirens of Titan to be one of his best books , ranking it just below Slaughterhouse-Five. Featuring a dimension-swapping ultra-rich space explorer who can see the future, a robot messenger whose craft is powered by UVTW the Universal Will to Become and the newly established Church of God the Utterly Indifferent, Sirens of Titan manages to be classic 50s pulp, a literary sleight of hand, a cult novel of the 60s counterculture and unmistakably Vonnegut all at the same time.

Young Jakob von Gunten enrols in a sinister academy that touchstone of Germanic fiction in which students learn how to be good servants. Kafka and Hesse were big fans of the Swiss writer; film-making duo the Brothers Quay turned the novel into a mesmerising stock-frame feature in Waters followed the rollicking Tipping the Velvet with this sombre, beautifully achieved meditation on love and loneliness set in the milieu of Victorian spiritualism.

Waters exploits the conventions of the ghost story to moving, open-ended effect, recreating a world of fascinating detail and beguiling mystery. On his return he reports that he has travelled to the year , Mankind has evolved into hyper-decadent Eloi and hyper-proletarian Morlocks, who live underground. The Eloi fritter, elegantly, by day. The Morlocks prey on the Eloi cannibalistically by night. Before returning to his own time, the Time Traveller goes forward to witness the heat death of the Solar System. At the end of the narrative, he embarks on a time journey from which he does not return.

The most read, imitated and admired invasion fantasy of the 19th century. The Martians, a cold-bloodedly cerebral species, driven by the inhospitability of their dying planet and superior technology, invade Earth. Their first cylinders land at Horsell Common and are followed by an army of fighting machines equipped with death rays. Humanity and its civilisation crumple under the assault, which is witnessed by the narrator, a moral philosopher. The novel can be read as an allegory of imperialism. The Sword in the Stone was initially published as a stand-alone work, but was subsequently rewritten to become the first part of a tetralogy, The Once and Future King.

Only at the end of the book is it confirmed that the boy will grow up to be King Arthur. Kathryn Hughes Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Originally published in four volumes, this far-future story presents a powerfully evocative portrait of Earth as the sun dies. Using the baroque language of fantasy to tell a story that is solidly science fiction, Wolfe follows Severian, a professional torturer exiled to wander the ruined planet and discover his fate as leader and then messiah for his people. Complex and challenging, this is perhaps one of the most significant publications in the last three decades of sci-fi.

Triffids are possibly escapees from a Soviet laboratory; their takeover begins when a meteor shower blinds everyone who witnesses it. Bill Masen owes his survival to the fact that he was in hospital with his eyes bandaged at the time. CA Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. It emerges, six months later, that every fertile woman in the village is pregnant. As they grow up with terrifying psychic powers, a perceptive Midwich citizen, Gordon Zellaby, contrives to blow them up and save humanity. What did the Soviet censors find so offensive? Until, that is, the mathematician D falls in love.

Bakha, 18, is strong and able-bodied. He is a latrine cleaner, a Dalit, an untouchable, and the novel traces a day in his life. Deep in thought and enjoying a sweet jalebi, Bakha brushes against a Brahmin. A novel written, some would say, before the genre was properly invented. Set in Surinam, which the author may or may not have visited, its hero is a highly cultivated African prince who is brought to the West Indies as a slave.

They marry but, unwilling to have his children raised in servitude, Oroonoko raises a slave rebellion. It is and while the Irish war of independence rages outside the gates of their County Cork home, Sir Richard Naylor and his Anglo-Irish family continue their privileged life of tea and tennis. Afrikaner teacher Ben du Toit lives a comfortable life in s Johannesburg.

Yet his family do not want to look and his search for the truth makes him dangerously vulnerable. Nonetheless, Shirley is an important social novel, set in Yorkshire during the Luddite riots at the end of the Napoleonic wars, which revolves around two questions: the social consequences of industrialisation and the position of women. Paul Laity Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Unable to reconcile his religion with his homosexuality, Kenneth Toomey wanders the world from the Paris of Joyce and Pound, via Nazi Germany and heyday Hollywood, to Malta where — mottled, sallow, emaciated — he awaits his death, sure of only one thing: that evil is innate to humanity.

Claire Armistead Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. Middle-aged Jeeter Lester is an impoverished cotton farmer. He married his wife, Ada, at the age of 11 and the couple have had 17 children. Incest rages in the Lester household. Tobacco Road created an image of poor white trash that is still with us. Nicholas Lezard Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. His novel is set on Haiti, an island steeped in myth and voodoo.

Ti Noel is a slave when a rebellion begins in Having lost his job he moves in with his daughter on her remote farmstead, but then is a helpless bystander when three black men arrive and rape her. His life is becoming a tuition in humiliation. Yet the bleakness of any paraphrase is belied by the beautiful exactness of the prose, which mimics the intelligence and coldness of the protagonist.

But the Magistrate is also a servant of the empire and his intervention in the case of a barbarian girl teaches him lessons about himself as well as the workings of power. Bill is kind. Bill is benevolent. Technology with a human face. Only luck rescues her, and makes her penitent.

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The tale is the more compelling because she is looking back ruefully on her misadventures in older age, examining her own motives with withering candour. This novel really does attempt an anatomy of post-war America. It also combines the trickery of post-modern narration — a reverse chronology, sudden shifts of narrative perspective, interpolated passages of documentary reconstruction — with a simple and alluring fable.

For the spine of this huge book is the story of what happens to a famous object, the baseball hit into the stands to win the World Series for the New York Giants in , just as the Soviet Union is successfully testing an atomic bomb. Attuned like no other novel to the perplexities that hum away at the margins of everyday experience, White Noise remains the most precise, and killingly funny, portrayal of the way we live now. Lindesay Irvine Buy this book at the Guardian bookshop. The titular cities are Paris and London.

It is the best and worst of times: the age of revolution. The doctor, whose wits are gone, is rescued by a lawyer, Lorry, and brought to England with his daughter, Lucie. A classic novel that helped to give lawyers their bad name. Bleak House is a vigorous satire on the old court of Chancery and the self-serving, pocket-lining nonsenses of the profession practiced there. Richard Carstone and Ada Clare are wards of the court in the eternal case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce; thrown together, they secretly marry.

Also central are their friend, Esther Summerson, who nearly marries out of respectful devotion but loves another, and Lady Dedlock, who has a deep secret uncovered by the ruthless barrister Tulkinghorn. Written when the author was becoming more interested in narrative design and when the type of design he tended towards was palpably darker.

The novel opens with the frigid Mr Dombey being presented with the son he hopes will one day take over the family business. Mrs Dombey promptly dies and young Paul in a death scene of tear-jerking pathos follows a few years later. Dombey — desperate for an heir — marries a cynical beauty, Edith Granger. A ruined Dombey finally realises the worth of Florence, the daughter he has always neglected. Bubbles always burst; if only our financiers had learned from the story of Mr Merdle, in whose bank a deposit seems magically to accrue. Dickens targets greed in this novel, and pride, but he had two more specific targets — government bureaucracy the obstructive Circumlocution Office and the law of imprisonment for debt his own father had been in the Marshalsea.

The hero is Arthur Clennam, with whom Amy is in love and whose hateful mother has long-ago wronged the Dorrit family. Riches arrive and disappear, the pretensions and hypocrisies of society are uncovered, and the inevitable union of Amy and Arthur is long prolonged. Dickens, as always, bashes us over the head, but he does it brilliantly — a battering for our times. A woman arrives, exhausted, at the Mudfog workhouse. She gives birth and dies. The orphan is named Oliver Twist. Oliver discovers that he is gently born and the victim of a criminal conspiracy.

Fagin is hanged, Sikes — pursued by an angry mob — hangs himself. The novel was brilliantly illustrated by George Cruikshank, who later claimed that he, not Dickens, had had the principal idea for the story. A short, desolate, wonderful tale of Californian hedonism that centres on the decline of a failed actor, Maria Wyeth, who recounts her life while in recovery from a breakdown.

Her parents are dead, her marriage is over, her young daughter is in hospital. Drugs and sex make her life no less empty. The only place in which she is happy is behind the wheel of her car, driving endlessly on the freeway. Long before he became prime minister, Disraeli was a member of Young England, a group that looked to paternalism to solve the problems of the industrial age. A sense of the oppression that inspired Chartism is channelled into a high romantic storyline. After his release from prison in s Berlin, transport-worker-turned-hardman Franz Biberkopf tries and fails to stay on the straight and narrow: freedom, he soon realises, is its own kind of punishment.

A novel spun from the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the pair of small-time communists who, accused of passing atomic secrets to the Soviets, were executed by the US authorities in Originally three individual volumes — more than 1, pages in the Penguin complete edition — U. Large parts of it abandon straightforward narrative in favour of newspaper headlines and stream-of-consciousness collage. In between wander a dozen or so vagrant and only intermittently connected characters — tycoons, power-brokers, hoboes, aspiring movie actors, drunks — deviously at large in the pullulating anthill of earlyth-century transatlantic life.

Victoria Segal. Castle Rackrent can claim many English literary firsts, but was most influential as the first regional novel. Set in Ireland before the arrival of short-lived independence in , this is a satirical saga of incompetent Anglo-Irish landlords, narrated in the vernacular by their disingenuous steward, Thady Quirk. The one Victorian novel whose greatness no one contradicts. Dorothea marries the parson-scholar Edward Casaubon, only to discover his mind is unworthy of her.

Amidst swirlingly connected plots, Dorothea now widowed eventually finds fulilment. Lydgate does not. Marner is a linen weaver in the village of Raveloe, who once belonged to a religious sect from which he was unjustly expelled: in reaction he has become a miser. His store of gold is stolen by the son of the local squire; at the same time, a golden-haired foundling, later named Eppie, is left in his house. She humanises the miser and when her rich father reveals himself, Eppie refuses to leave her adoptive parent. A pioneering novel about being black in America, by a pioneer black American author.

It is framed as a journal by an un-named African-American, following his post-college career. Can youthful idealism withstand the disillusions of age? Flaubert asks what is ultimately of most value to us: hope or disappointment? In his sequel to The Sportswriter , Ford picks up the story of Frank Bascombe, now a New Jersey estate agent, as he navigates the fraught emotional territory of a holiday weekend.

An ambitious, almost encyclopedic novel about modern America, structured around the seemingly hackneyed idea of a dysfunctional family getting together for Christmas. The parents, Enid and Alfred, confront old age, illness and frustrated ambitions. The elusive central character is Wyatt Gwyon, intended by his family for the ministry but instead a forger of those objects of religious devotion: paintings.

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The novel renders the passion with which he creates truly original fakes, credited to Flemish masters. The other leading characters are also counterfeiters, like Otto, the playwright, who plagiarises authors he has never read, or the conman Frank Sinisterra. Much of the novel consists of dialogues in which ideas about religion, art and truthfulness are fearlessly elaborated. All turns out well. The novel in which Gaskell set out to be scrupulously fair to the Lancashire mill-owners whom she had earlier criticised in Mary Barton Initially appalled, Margaret is gradually won over by the rough northern community and its tough but moral textile workers.

When Bernard, a student, is told he is illegitimate, he runs away from home and ends up in the bed of his schoolfriend Olivier. Bernard becomes secretary to Edouard — who is working on a novel called The Counterfeiters. While writing the novel, Gide kept a journal detailing its composition, which he published separately in Unwilling to share their fate, their younger sister Monica marries a wealthy man who makes her miserable.

George Orwell said of this bitter, brilliant novel that it retains its capacity to disquiet. Though set in late 19th-century London, its study of the corrosion of the literary world by self-promotion and commercialism is more relevant today than ever. Imaginative stories for adults and children, the husband and wife team of Tim and Lisa Sars craft a sense of magic and intimacy in all their shows. This self-taught Gypsy accordionist extraordinaire will make you forget every bad Polka you ever suffered through.

Eargasmic tunes to put your heartsoul in a trance. He teaches traditional Tibetan music and dance from exile in India. Their work has been exhibited in North and South America and throughout Europe. Erin Arding , Prince George, B. Erin is an artist, musician, and poet who takes the scissors to literary forms. Exes and Allies , Penticton, B. Brings intense groove to the accordion like no other. Integrity, purity and funky beats, all while swinging you back to the roots with strings and things. Strength in the blend. Fraea BraveRaven , Victoria, B. This strange little beast is finding her way between the worlds.

Coming to you in stereophonic tones and ink spattered marvels. Animated adventure of eccentric entities. Gabriel Holmes , Likely, B. This renegade blues pirate is seldom seen but never fails to satisfy. Several of these characters try to make the world a better place every day. Jason Griffin , Wells, B. He also knows a trick for raising the dead, but it only works on Tuesdays. A pop songwriter with a melancholy buzz; a northern BC poet; an avant-grunge lead guitar alchemist.

His band creates a field of possibility for beauty and disaster. Honest and versatile, and full of surprises! Jessie Herman , Quesnel, B. Dancer, choreographer, instructor, studio owner, shimmy shaker, mover and a maker! Joan Beck , Wells, B. Joan began taking pottery courses in and later attended Pottery School in Vancouver and eventually made her way to Williams Lake.

Following years found her attending many workshops and doing extensive work with the medium, both hand-built and wheelthrown. Joan operates her summer gallery in Wells. Joey and his duet-singing lady Leah Martin are getting married at ArtsWells this year, and everyone is invited! This band takes a similar approach to songwriting, their music combined, not diluted. Justin Foster , Prince George, B. Justin Foster is a poet and longtime resident of the Cariboo. He is a creative writing graduate student at UNBC.

Katie Nahachewski , Prince George, B. Kristen Roos , Vancouver, B. In whatever form he works, Roos demonstrates that there is more to sound than just audibility. She conjures images of summertime boardwalks and s bathing suits at the lake. Ken Hamm , Forget, SK A blues and roots artist with an international reputation, Ken Hamm is known for his stellar guitar work as well as for his originals. Ladybug and Caterpillar , Vancouver, B. Laura McIntosh , Vancouver, B. A gentleman and a scholar, fond of pigments. McIntosh studies illustration at Emily Carr University, after which she hopes to take over the world.

Laurie Landry , Wells, B. Liliana Dragowska , Williams Lake, B. A craft-a-holic by nature, Liliana loves the creative expression that the Cariboo community brings out in her life. Lisa Haslett , Prince George, B. Lisa Haslett nee deHoog was born and raised in the Burns Lake area. She now lives and writes in Prince George. A longtime horse logger, resident of the Cariboo, and a natural poet.

Lorne writes poetry at the drop of a hat to commemorate any occasion. Mamaguroove , Dunster, BC A sonic and scenic smorgasbord of aural intensity and imagery infatuation. Envelops and grips the senses of audiences from the first crack of the snare drum. Marcel Gagnon , Fort Fraser, B. Martin Comtois , Williams Lake, B. Astrologer, cook, artist, storyteller, impresario.

For information on his work check www. Mary Forbes , Williams Lake, B. Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. Shadow Puppet duo with a multi-layered style of visual storytelling. Originally crafted puppets, overhead projectors, music, masked characters, recycled waste, and eclectic experimentations in lighting and timing. Miss Emily Brown , Montreal, QC Miss Emily Brown returns to ArtsWells for another year of creative collusion with a mitt full of new dusty encyclopedia songs to refract love into your lenses. Miss Quincy , Nelson, BC Miss Quincy comes alive on stage through her stories, her music and the characters she picks up along the way.

Something Something , Toronto, ON A little something for the body, a little something for the mind: your soundtrack to a joyful revolution. Internationally recognized for their unique blend of Afrobeat, jazz and pop. Murray Boal , Dragon Mountain, B. Murray is a songwriter and farmer whose inspiration comes from the spirit of the people and places of the rich and colorful Cariboo Chilcotin. Namgar , Buryat Republic, Siberia Traditional far-eastern Siberian folk with electrifying immediacy, rooted in both the past and present.

Driving rhythms, hauntingly beautiful vocals, and intensely exciting soloing from some of the best instrumentalists in Persian music. Newberry vs Newberry , Ontario and B. Newberry vs Newberry is a project of Sioux and David Newberry, siblings with unique and complimentary musical styles.

They also sing a lot about trains and boats. Nora Curiston , Grand Forks, B. Nora Curiston is a painter, sculptor, and Emily Carr graduate. Paula Scott , Dunster, B. A narrative oil painter who has shown provincially and beyond. While circumstances send her in a thousand directions, Paula tries to focus on painting thought-provoking narratives. Pawnshop Diamond , Vancouver, BC This five-piece incorporates the time-tested tools of solid songwriting with decidedly modern musicianship and sharp lyricism that make for a sound both vintage and timeless. Po-Co and Wanda , Victoria, B. With two suitcases packed with giggles and tricks up all four sleeves, this clown couple is sure to knock your socks off when you least expect it.

From their calypso covers to their Hawaiian lounge style and humor, the band is ever unpredictable. The Roaming Diva , Montreal, PQ With an orchestra in her purse and a twinkle in her eye, the Roaming Diva delights the ears, seduces the eyes, and opens the mind. Rob Budde , Prince George, B. He has published seven books. Sage Birchwater , Williams Lake, B. Sage Birchwater, a year resident of the Cariboo Chilcotin, is a journalist and author.

He specializes in oral history and memoirs, and has published several books. Unique, fresh, sexy, and distinctly western. Sharon Cahn , Horsefly, B. Her felting experience has been acquired over the last 8 years by studying with Polly Stirling, Pat Sparks and Chad Hagen, among others. Shelder the Electric Clamfish , Vancouver, B. Raised in the Gulf Islands, Shelder combines her wild hippy upbringing together with classical and jazz training to perform and teach music that transcends reality.

Their unique sound, original show, and eclectic repertoire offer up something for every palate. Stephen St. Laurent , Prince George, B. With almost 20 years of theatrical writing, directing, and acting under his belt, Stephen has also completed a series of social documentary and educational videos. A finger picked electric guitar, smooth vocals, slick upright bass, and one special drummer. Neat lyrics are a bonus. Tahirih Goffic , Bella Coola, B. A Quesnel girl, born and raised, who now lives, paints and raises her two gorgeous children with her musician husband in beautiful Bella Coola B.

Nile , Vancouver, BC Tamara was groomed for musical life; she was accompanying her father, a multi-instrumentalist sidewalk entertainer, through North America and Australia by the age of six. It is the sound of friends making music for nothing but the sheer joy of it. Trish Halsey Belsham , Vanderhoof, B. Trish Halsey Belsham is a seasoned choreographer with 25 years of involvement in many dance programs throughout B.

Van Andruss , Yalakom Valley, B. Van Andruss is a Bioregionalist from the Yalakom Valley, his home for over 35 years. An elder Hippie, he leads a quiet, literary life. Wax Mannequin , Hamilton, ON Born in the smoke and industry of Hamilton; a damaged, underdog town; a perfect breeding ground for strange, variant things incorporating folk, scrappy prog-metal and a tireless creative ethic.

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William Brown , Winlaw, B. Cult leader William Brown wants your body, all of your possessions including your Grateful Dead DVD collection , and, of course, your soul! Amazay, a film about water In Northgate Minerals proposed to dump million tonnes of acid tailings into a pristine lake. The Tse Keh Nay said no. The battle for Amazay Lake had begun. In , the creation of the W. The rising waters flooded the Tse Keh Nay from their homelands and resulted in the destruction of the lower half of their watershed. The impacts of this massive event are still being felt today. Mercury contamination, massive erosion, wildlife habitat destruction and the loss of whole villages have taken their toll.

In , a new threat emerged that endangered the upper half of the Finlay River — Kemess North. Over the next 5 years the Tse Keh Nay would fight through a flawed environmental assessment process to ultimately convince our Governments to reject the Kemess North project and protect Amazay Lake. Includes short documentaries on the interesting lives of cult members; harvest the cat! Duke and Battersby do not shy away from dirty stuff. Or creepy stuff. Or stuff that makes people uncomfortable.

You could say that the dirty, the creepy and the uncomfortable are their milieu. Lorne, Van and Sage will each share short, five-minute readings of their work. Participants are invited to bring samples of their writing to share or discus. We look forward to connecting with a fellowship of writers. For decades, its writers have been paradoxically marginal and central all at once to our national literary culture. We start by crafting shadow puppets together around a theme. Then we set up a sheet in the middle of the room, with an overhead projector and puppets on one side and musical instruments all around.

No experience is needed and spontaneity is encouraged. The only requirement is that people try to be present in the moment, listening and responding with the whole picture in mind. Shadowjam provides a framework for unconditional play within an expressive, inclusive group experience. Participants often describe it as a shared dream. Ann will also share tips about writing, helpful for creating song lyrics. This charge includes materials enough for you to make several items.

We will make one in the one hour class, but you can later can go on to needlefelt outside the class, having gained confidence in your ability to needlefelt. If you need a refresher course, the kit includes a DVD that goes over the process again. It is an easy foolproof way to begin. Also known as Laminated Felting, nuno felting is a process where wool is felted into an open weave fabric. In this class we will make a nuno-felted silk scarf. There will be a material fee for the supplies, but you will go home with the ability to go on from here to wherever felting takes you.

This is a co-creative opportunity to dip into your imagination through movement. No experience necessary; only a willingness and curiosity to explore and express your interpretation of the feminine. Bring your ideas! Not recommended for children under six years old. All children under ten must be accompanied by an adult. Organic Farmers in the Round What does it take to grow food in the Cariboo? The challenges, the opportunities, the experiences—join facilitators Sage Birchwater as we get to meet the local farmers who so generously support our ArtsWells festival with their fabulous work and produce.

This is a great opportunity to meet the pioneers of organic farming in the Cariboo as we all move towards food sustainability in these changing times. Vocal Improv with Doug Koyama Learn to feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Doug is willing to teach you his skills. He can get you started on improvising singing around a beat… goes well with campfires and magic.

DEJA has been involved with teaching Vancouver youth about producing beats, rapping, freestyle and hip hop culture while Lee teaches hip hop dance. Persian Music Workshop Discover new rhythms and vibes with this workshop taught by world class Persian music instrumentalists. New this year, this workshop is for people interested in moving to Wells.

This will be an informal workshop — bring your questions and ideas. She is a registered massage therapist and uses this experience to help lead participants through a fairly energetic yoga routine which focuses on core strength and flexibility. She follows no particular brand of yoga, but draws on experience from different classes she has taken over the years.

Come prepared with a yoga mat if you have one and a light-weight blanket. We will be outside weather permitting so bug dope might be in order! Can you hold a stick? Can you count to one? Do you have cake? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you may be interested in having your mind blown wide open by an infosational multimedia-extravulation detailing the rise and fall and subsequent rise of what many consider to be the perfect instrument. Wells Walks with Mary Forbes Wander the streets of Wells and hear the sordid stories and stupendous sallies of the the little town that could and still does.

From miners to minstrels on a tailings pile or snob hill. Signs of the Times At various times through out the festival. Join Williams Lake astrologer Martin Comtois for an entertaining and informative look at the astrological perspective of the changing times. Using the Astromantic Mandala Table take a journey through the symbols of astrology; the signs, elements, modalities and polarities; and the personal, social and transpersonal planets.

Gain insight into the meanings behind the present Cardinal Grand Cross alignment and its creative impulse into your life. Astrology contributes a sense of clarity and purpose as we seek personal fulfillment and empowerment while navigating these complex times. Check the school gym for information on times and place for this inspirational workshop. Get Musical: Creative Sound Exploration with Shelder the Electric Clamfish Using our bodies, voices and any instruments available, we will explore a multitude of ways to create sound, which will ultimately lead to a final spontaneous and improvised group performance.

Sound Exploration Walk with Kristen Roos Walk through town and listen to the interior sounds of objects using contact microphones. Great for a variety of ages: 6 yrs old and up! Participants will learn some traditional dance steps to a particular rhythm. Suitable for all ages and levels, but be ready for some moving! There will be live drumming, too!

Lyrical Dance Class with Jessie Herman Learn some basic elements of jazz and ballet mixed together to create a flowing and modern movement known as Lyrical dance. Dive into some choreography, let the music fill you up and carry you away. No experience is required, just a open mind and open heart. Please wear clothing that will allow you to move freely! Basic Makeup Special Effects with David Jeffery An all-ages, hands-on workshop in creating bruises, cuts, abrasions, black eyes and a little general info on how to make your own stage blood, etc.

Materials provided for up to 15 participants. Top hats and tails will be provided for all you cats who come on out! Ladies, fish nets and heels are smiled upon but not necessary. Gentleman, bare chests and suspenders are smiled upon but not necessary. This class can be rocked in bare feet and clothing that will allow you to move freely.

Tri-Loom Weaving with Katie Nahachewski Tri-loom weaving is a simple, portable, and versatile way to create that woven item you have always wanted to create. Your loom can be anywhere from a few inches short to many feet long, allowing you to create anything and go anywhere the modest triangle can take you.

Participants will have use of the looms provided and basic weaving materials. Extra quantities of weaving materials, hooks, needles, and looms will be for sale if the participants wish to continue their projects after the workshop is done. A small project will be completed within the time frame of the workshop. Radical Folk History with Joey Only The working class has used folk music for centuries to represent their struggle against the system. Joey Only will take you on a musical journey through the slave rebellions, the strikes of , the death of Joe Hill, the Industrial Workers of the World and the songs of Woody Guthrie, Utah Philips and more.

Nurture Nature Now! N3 N3 is the way 2 B! This workshop is focused on entertaining and engaging youthful people! Activities are based around experiential education. How are we all interconnected with each other and the world around us? Come and find out with Nurture Nature Now! Bandleading with Kris Mitchell Find out how to get a band right up there to hero. Find out from the veteran band leader of Blackberry Wood. Hula Hooping with Doug Gook Doug offers you his hula hoops or bring your own.

Plastic: where did it come from, and where is it going? This is a shadow puppet story about time and energy, oil and water. Plasticity is the adaptability of an organism to a changing environment. All the musical instruments and puppets for this show were made from waste plastic. Lost and Found Puppet Co. We could not do it without them! A variety of felted pieces draped off the umbrella into the street interact with onlookers and passersby.

Viewers can help with the painting if they wish. The end result would see a large rusted object painted to look like itself sitting in its own location in the environment amongst the other rusted objects. Bill uses new technology as well as traditional printmaking to create imagery of the Wells area. Claire is a painter and printmaker known across Canada for her art and graphic design work.

The hours of operation are ampm seven days a week. Regular open hours from noon — 6pm, also open during Artswells hours. I am a musician, and hopefully one day author. I live the good life every day. Andrea Ramolo ,Toronto, Ont. Blending folk, roots, blues, and some tap-dancing, Andrea and her one-man band Jason Skiendziel bring their 80 date cross-Canada tour to Artswells. Party time!!!

Ari Neufeld , Penticton, B. Ari is young and old all at once. His organic approach to making music turns not only his emotion, but his physicality into song. He breathes beats and croons out multi-octave melodies over textured acoustic guitar and percussion performed by his feet, through an amplified wooden box. Blackberry Wood , Vancouver, B. The Burning Hell , Peterborough, Ont. The Burning Hell sings catchy, fatalistic little songs about animals, conferences, wombs and tombs, making music to dance to at the end of the world.

She might tell some jokes. Diona Davies will play the violin tastefully and harmonize. Chasing Red Lights, Penticton, B. Mankind has always been Chasing Red Lights. From the very first rising of the sun right up until now, where, even as the sun sets, the chase carries on into the night. This constant stop and go through lifes meaning,purpose, culture, goals, dreams, desires, needs, wants, and all the yellows in between.

Corbin Murdoch , East Vancouver, B. Corbin Murdoch is an adventurous folk musician from East Vancouver. Corwin Fox , Victoria, B. With his distinctive knack for ironic juxtaposition and a playful sense of humour, Fox takes another deep cut at Big Business, Government practices and environmental politics, all while warming us with his deeply concerned and heart-felt words of compassion and wisdom.

Whether performing to thousands at the Royal Albert Hall or the lucky few who made it inside the packed past capacity speakeasy, C. Avery is a unique, raw and dynamic performer. He is a one-man band, but one for this generation; with the rare ability to sing poetic verse while beatboxing simultaneously while pounding the piano and adding harmonica like a plot twist. The Creaking Planks , Vancouver, B.

The Creaking Planks strap on forgotten and dismissed instruments of simpler times, preemptively gathering the tunes and jingles of today from the ashbins of tomorrow and re-presenting them in a novel anachronistic setting and style. Dave Newberry , Vancouver, B. David Newberry sings folk songs with rock sensibilities. His songs capture insights into the complex social world. His lyrics remind me of John Donne, and his melodies are undeniable.

The Deckchairs Since their inception in The Deckchairs have been resposible for developing and delivering and emphatic style of progressive folk music based around 12 string and lapsteel guitars. Dirty Grace , Victoria, B. Their highly diverse, original repertoire points to a new era in music when bands, released from the suffocating limitations of adhering to a single genre, are free to explore any and all inspirations that come their way. His deep and delicious funky electro infused sound carries the dancer into other realms, relying heavily on luscious vocal melody, throbbing baselines and groove of epic proportions.

Inspired by life on the rugged West Coast of British Columbia, BassMint brings a broad spectrum of feeling to the dance floor, sure to tickle all corners of the psyche. Forget every bad Polka you ever suffered through and prepare for eclectic French, Gypsy, eargasmic tunes to put your heartsoul in a trance. Fizzy pop songs with natural flavour. Blest from birth unplugged from earth is my soul purpose. Free my mind, soul my rhymes. Geoff Berner , Vancouver, B. They play strange klezmer music for drunken dancing. Ghost Brothers , Vancouver, B. If you like to be entertained, you will most definitely enjoy Ghost Brothers lively performances, memorable tunes and crowd interaction.

Four guys: djimbes, guitars, bass, drums, flutes, keyboards, pump organs and vocal melodies all perfectly placed and combined with no effort. Glenna Garramone , Vancouver, B. Winner of the Artswells Songwriting Contest, harmonizes the experimental with the classical, the unexpected with the organic, and she wants you to sing along. Graham Hall Quesnel, B. Graham DJ. Algorhythm is coming back home for his second year at ArtWells. A self described dance instigator, break-beat belligerent and enigmatic electro-eclectic his only want is you, feet on the floor shakin the night away.

Think later. Saravanja is clearly connected to the larger contemporary global zeitgeist. Greg Quill- Toronto Star. Jeff Andrew , Victoria, B. Jeff Andrew was once blessed by a hobo on the streets of Salem, Massachusetts. Their musical landscape ranges from funky jazz and hard hitting rock, to delicate folk; yet their unique harmonies and rhythmic shifts defy any expectation listeners may have. Jill Staveley , Peterborough, Ont. Staveley spoke little, more often opting to play her guitar and captivate the crowd with her strong voice and melancholic songs.

Joanna Chapman-Smith , Vancouver, B. Alone on stage, sitting atop a percussion rig made out of a suitcase and outnumbered by instruments, she charms unassuming crowds into singing along and letting themselves be carried away into her world that questions right and wrong, mind and body, permanence and impermanence. The Johnnie Ninety-Nine Band take a similar approach to song-writing, believing high-proof music should be combined, not diluted.

Ken Whiteley , Vancouver, B. Kent McAlister And The Iron Choir create clever, dark folk-country music that sits well outside the commercial pop-country box. KarmetiK::Bhutan Sonically combining the east, the west, the above and the below, they religiously infuse packed dance floors with live instrumental fusion.

Bhutan cleverly creates an ethnically diverse musical tapestry, often incorporating a variety of instruments. She has performed for countless festivals, and fundraising events over the years. Kirby Belted emotional lyrics, his driving rock style and quiet thoughtful picking on the guitar, reminiscent is of Nick Drake, John Mayer or Dallas Green.

Ladybug The Rambler I love the wide open prairie sky. I will sing and play for all and the stories will reveal themselves. It is my hope that my music reminds people that the earth does not belong to us but that we belong to the earth. Lady Glitch Guttersnipe Lady Glitch first picked up a guitar at age 15 and immediately began constructing a unique musical identity. Self taught and fueled by mentors such as Ani Difranco and Django Reinhardt. Lake of Stew , Montreal, PQ Lake Of Stew is a six-piece acoustic string band that sing all kinds of original tunes in all kinds of styles, and all kinds of mutations of traditional-ish song forms.

They all like to have fun with tunes, grub, dancing, and singing, and are currently happy about everything! Her vocal artistry travels across Canada with fellow soulsista Chelsea Johnson this summer! She has the pipes and the chops. Lisa Poushinsky , Ottawa, Ont. With edgy songwriting and a stage presence reminiscent of the great jazz vocalists, L. On the menu is a fresh twist of gypsy with your folk.

Lynett McKell and Megan Kemshead will have you swaying from their first notes. Their harmonies blend together to create an instrument that stands alone and will keep your ears guessing and toes tapping. Marc Carney I have been making music in the Okanagan for 15 years or so. My musical influences have been mainly my friends and a complete breakdown of a fair and just society.

Marley Daemon , Victoria, B. Hailing from an obscure, secluded little island off the coast of B. Drawing on a strange array of cross-cultural artistic influences jazz, Celtic, magic literature, Wicca, post-modern philosophy and Indian Classical to name a few , she weaves pieces of music that push into unexplored territory, uncovering new human emotions.

We are honoured to welcome them as our guests. Melissa Bandura , Vancouver, B. She uses eccentric chord changes, unconventional meters, flowing melodies and interesting harmonies. She paints pictures with her words and loves to get metaphorical! Melisa Devost , Hornby Island, B. Miss Emily Brown , Montreal, PQ Miss Emily Brown returns to ArtsWells for her fourth year of creative collusion with a mitt full of new dusty encyclopedia songs to refract love into your lenses. She is over the moon to be joined by a dreamy assortment of cowboys and yogis: Leon Power drums, mandolin , Kevin Bertram bass, accordion and Steve Brockley guitar, voice.

Miss Quincy Nelson, B. Miss Quincy comes alive on stage through her stories, her music and the characters she picks up along the way. She naturally captivates her audience so that you can easily imagine her wild west wrangling, saloon brawling or midnight serenading. Equal parts edgy frontier woman and risque saloon madame, her mystique lays within the character created through her music and the carnival weaved throughout the show.

Moon Union , Salmo, B. They are lovers and musical confidants. There music is a lush wash that brings a cinematic vision on an aural palate, that creates a beautiful music. Namgar , Buryat Republic. From the spot where Russia, China and Mongolia meet comes Namgar. Interestingly, it is more archaic than Mongolian, and yet newer due to the presence of Russian culture, especially musical education styles.

We are blessed to welcome them as guests. National Treasure , Wells, B. Together they delve into the realm of 3 part harmonies and zoom across the Folk, Blues, Jazz, and Rock landscapes. Best heard through your oldest set of speakers, Morlove is the creative collaboration of Corwin Fox and Miss Emily Brown.

NikTex Victoria, B. NikTex is returning to Artswells for a second year, this time with a full band of bandits from KarmetiK, Wassabi and beyond. They are delighted to serve themselves on a platter of fusion folk, world and electronic. Nir Blue , Montreal, P. From Mount Carmel to underground loft concerts to out-door shows, Piano Rocker Nir Blu mixes melancholic classical piano with heavy metal and raw songwriting. Ory No Man , Toronto, Ont. Raghu Lokanathan , Valemont, B. Romi Mayes , Winnipeg, Man. Romi Mayes Band is an unstoppable force. Mayes can out-cuss any sailor on a Saturday night.

Ross Douglas , Point Roberts, Wa. Award winning songwriter, great singer, wonderful performer, iffy dresser. His music is praised for its humour, emotional power and grand variety of influences More? Ryan Somers is the vocal half of the alt. The Sandman , Dunn Center, N. Sarah Burton , Toronto, Ont. Sarah Burton packs a deadly musical punch using charisma, charm and a rock and roll attitude. With songs that are at the core, folk, Sarah draws from country, pop and rock to bring her songs to life.

Blending traditional folk sensitivity with quirky and sometimes sarcastic word play, Sarah writes honest songs that slide nicely under the skin and into the heart. He brings years of roads and a deep love of humanity to his songwriting and storytelling.

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Scott Dunbar , Prince George, B. Lately Scott has been existing in Montreal taking in the cultural scene, busking and hawking his first independently and entirely home mom produced cd Philosophies of a Moth Vol. Distinctly and diversely influenced blues and soul strains emerge for an on-the-whole uplifting celebration of all that lives.

Shawn Stephenson , Ymir, B. Kootenay mountain musician… multiinstrumental looper freakshow. He likes meat, veggies, booze, wigs, tofu and bacon stir-fry and other genderless stuff. He is overly friendly when he needs to be… usually to get some of the above items. Shawn is an independent recording artist with two discs under the proverbial belt. He is one half of Ghosts of the Highway, and one whole of himself. He lives in Victoria, but wanders endlessly. Steve Brockley , Montreal, P. The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra is Victoria, BC based, varied accoustic band, who consistantly stretch genre boundaries with influences from from folk to gypsy, bluegrass to ska.

With an ever developing and maturing sound, you can expect to hear more about this band from the west coast of Canada, who look and play like they are from deep Europe but sound like they were raised by Bill Monroe. Tim Williams , Calgary, AB. He is a year veteran of the roots music scene in North America, roots which stretch back to the coffee-house scene of his native California in the mid 60s. Come celebrate the joys and sorrows of life with The Transfiguration Good News Band—danceable jazz-grunge fusion arrangements of traditional African-American spirituals—Hallelujah!

Trevor Caswell , Kamloops, B. Tusk Mountain , Oliver, B. Wax Mannequin , Hamilton, Ont. Incorporating folk, scrappy prog-metal and a tireless creative ethic, Wax infused his local influences with road-broken experience to forge something unsettlingly new. Window Broker Hard working and hard traveled; Window Broker plays a progressive-rock-and-country-blues-roll that can be enjoyed with any meal, or as a meal replacement. Yael Wand , Wells, B. With Christina Zaenker and Juli Steemson, they aim to shiver your spine and nudge your feet with hill-billy jazz songs and swinging roots ditties.

Join local runners on a moderately challenging jaunt of 6 kilometers down backroads, trails, and a sub-alpine meadow. The kit contains a special paper that allows participants to needlefelt their first project in a foolproof way. There is enough wool and the special paper in the kit for you to make several items. We will make one in the one hour class, but you can later either practice on more of the paper or can go on to needlefelt without it, having gained confidence in their abilities to needlefelt. In this class we will make a nuno felted silk scarf. There will be a material fee for the supplies, but you will go home with the ability to go on from here to whaterever felting takes you.

Can you rap? Practice attire for young boys includes white T-shirts and black shorts. Older boys attire includes white T-shirts and black sweat pants. Kate Sulis has been leading yoga classes in Wells and Quesnel for a number of years. Stilt walking workshop for all ages, heights, and shoe sizes. Wander the streets of Wells and hear the sordid stories and stupendous sallies of the the little town that could and still does. Drummers of any level welcome! Drums are provided. Walk through town and listen to the interior sounds of objects using contact microphones. Ever wonder what it would be like to host your own house concert or start a little venue in your town?

This workshop will examine all the basics. Where to start, how to contact musicians, legalities of alcohol sales, promotion, basic sound requirements..

K'Varn Revealed - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 10

You will leave with lots of hands on information, suggestions, templates for contracts, posters and stage diagrams. If you are a musician looking for gigs this workshop will show you what venues are looking for and what give you some insight into their process for making choices on who plays and who does not. There will be time for an open discussion where we can connect musicians and venues and problem solve collectively on creative solutions to make everyone money! For the past few years we have booked our entire winter seasons at Artswells and we can show you how.

This transformative workshop brings the story of local Secwepemc People to life through storytelling, song, and music in a way that is inclusive, collaborative and consciousness shifting for all. Through the teachings of her people and family, Meeka presents a perspective of history that is closer to her oral tradition of storytelling, yet merges with poetry, song, and visual art. Through his own experience of consciousness shifting, Rob presents his perspective through song.

Their workshops are interactive and encourage collaboration with one another through the development of sharing experience and feeling, and what happens when we channel our creative energies to express our stories. A journey into local Aboriginal history, expressed through contemporary artistic mediums. Bring writing or art making implements and notebook if you like but not necessary. This workshop is designed for people with experience on another instrument who want to get a handle on bass as a second instrument. Also applicable for beginner bassists. Topics will include: basic technique on stand up and electric base, simple base line construction, understanding bass in ensemble settings, and more.

This workshop is open to percussionists of all levels, and is an open forum for percussionists. We will be focusing on creating good tone while making sure that our technique avoids injury. We will focus on dynamics and creating an orchestrated sound between percussionists. Also will be tuning djembes. Do you have repetitive strain issues from playing your instrument? Are you interested in learning some self-care to prolong your playing career? Learn to stretch, strengthen, and generally be kind to your body to undo all the stress from life and copious hours of playing instruments.

Specific concerns can be addressed — bring your sore and abused body! Kate is a yoga instructor and RMT with 15 years experience in making folks helping themselves to feel better. Learn some basic elements of jazz and ballet mixed together to create a flowing and modern movement known as Lyrical dance. This workshop is going to focus on implementing violin into various styles of music.

We will work on improvised soloing, percussive bowing techniques, and the various historical backgrounds of these styles. Join Jason and his veggie-fueled vehicles for an overview of converting and operating a diesel vehicle on waste vegetable oil WVO. No experience necessary. Want to find ways to unblock your creative flow? The ancient art of juggling keeping more objects in the air than hands used has brought Tyler into many strange, fun and exciting places and situations.

Eventually Tyler and his props ended up at ArtsWells six years ago. Torches flew. Join Caroline and Ruthie in the Wells natural surroundings for an outdoor art making Happening. Over time, nature will dominate and the picture may evolve into something new or fade into the earth. Come be a part of our nature art instillation and be a part of something special!! Simply using newspaper and masking tape, help make a three dimensional, geodesic dome appear before your very eyes!

This workshop is geared towards kids but is open to all of those who are young at heart. The Quesnel Laughter Club started in after Chris was smitten with the laughter bug in his first Laughter Yoga session at ArtsWells and yes, he was instantly inspired! Now both certified by the Dr. Everyone welcome.

An astrological perspective on the changing times. Join astrologer, chef and artist Martin Comtois for a journey into the astrological archetypes as we search for insight into the meaning of these very powerful times. Visit him in the school kitchen to find out about the times he will be presenting his workshops or for an individual session.

Everyone is welcome to come and learn a few simple tricks for creating basic stage fight moves such as slaps, punches, and chokes. Who knows…you may leave this workshop with the skills to fight James Bond ask Dave about the Bond role he turned down. What is drawing? A process? A language? Creative self-expression?

The primary abstract human art form? What you do when your teacher is boring or your parents are fighting? Mindless scribbling or a big waste of time? In this all-ages drawing workshop we will take all of these ideas and more to the next level. No, you will not need to bring pencils and paper, though please do if you want to use them. You will, however, need a few supplies. Please bring: — some tape — a roll of coloured thread or rope — scissors — a camera of any kind if you have one — an image or object that makes you want to draw — an image, object, word or text that frightens you — some serious attitude.

Aubrey Burke, a. He encourages the absurd and life as one big joke! Come take a graceful step into the mad and marvellous world of classical ballet. Learn the basic positions, work on posture, placement and carriage of the arms, all through the voice and memory of my most loved and hated Russian ballet Master! Please wear clothing that will allow you to move freely and bonus cookies for men in tights.

The working class has used folk music for centuries to represent their struggle against the system. A colourful film will be shown with the sound turned off. You are invited to improvise the score. You are invited to improvise the dialogue. This delightful drop-in-when-you-like event could go anywhere. And where did she get that fabulous hat? The Movie—directed and produced by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow—takes you inside the wonders of the soil.

The opening scenes of the film dive into the wonderment of the soil. It shares the stories of experts from all over the world who study and are able to harness the beauty and power of a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with soil. The real change lies in our notion of what dirt is. And from that moment on, the fate of dirt and humans has been intimately linked. He drives a semi, plays the guitar and raps.

His tour bus is broken, he bought his house for a thousand bucks, and the small farming town in which he lives is disappearing faster with each passing year. Except for one thing: He raps. When hip hop music hit the airwaves of the North Dakota badlands, where Sand grew up, he learned to rap and rhyme to the pulse of baling machines and irrigation pumps.

The result? Presidential election. He travels from red state to blue and back again; blending discordant music genres into a style uniquely his own. Through him we see a part of America that remains immune to marketing campaigns, record labels, and consumerist politicking; as if it were the truth. We witness band break-ups, small town groupies—even a brief flirtation with commercial truck-driving, when a particularly impoverished Sand needs to make ends meet.

This is not the romanticized, Roy Rogers version of the American frontier. This is Sandman. The cowboy who raps. Two years in the making, the documentary of the Swell. Independent filmmaker, Dan Williams and interviewer Carmen Mutschele brought their team to the ArtsWells Festival and did a host of interviews and live tapings. Shunned by her community and father, she and her brother accompanied their mother to prison after her arrest for trafficking girls into the sex trade in India.

Indoctrinated at 14 by Maoist recruiters, Chandra became a messenger for the Maoist rebels in their uprising agauinst the government, an act considered treason by the Nepali army who arrested him…. Reel Youth , in partnership with Prisoners Assistance Nepal PA Nepal , is proud to present a touching and uplifting film about seven remarkable Nepali children and their struggle to connect to a society that relinquished them.

Scored with songs by the youth of PA Nepal, and violist Christien Lein, the result is a film that is much like the children themselves: captivating, ebullient and memorable. For four years now, Island Mountain Arts has been partnering with Reel Youth to give up-and-coming filmmakers to write, produce, direct, and often star in their own films.

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He has made over films with young people over the last six years, which have been screened in film festivals across North America, broadcast on television and distributed online. Forget Me Not takes us on her journey as a young woman leaving the north to explore the greater landscape of the west and the lights of the big city through poetry, song and dance. A prolific tap dancer, Micaele started studying tap at the age of 12 after sustaining a major injury during figure-skating training. After a year at Canadian College Performing Arts her passion for dance and performing brought her to Barkerville where she performed 5 seasons at Theatre Royal.

Her thirst for knowledge and excellence propelled her to continue her studies at Circle in the Square in New York City. Micaele fell in love with the big lights and dreams of Broadway but like many Canadians was required had to come back home before the dream was sated.

2012 Artswells Line-Up

Co-created and directed by Karen Jeffery Forget Me Not paints the picture of the inner landscape of leaving home to find your dreams, embracing the world and learning that sometimes the best things in life are found in your own back yard. Clap your hands and stomp your feet and enjoy a family friendly evening of music and memories. All Welcome. Fred Wells lives on! And he was right — the second caribou Gold Rush had begin.

The Fred Wells Show emerges as the inner thoughts of a man of few words. It is an exploration of a person who loved to be alone with the land, and who was fiercely compelled to see what lay within it. It is also a snapshot of a precise moment in BC history — a moment when Fred wells suddenly found himself in a position to save a collection of souls from the jaws of the greatest depression of the modern age.

Lindsay Read Lindsay lives in Wells with her family. She divides her time between motherhood, painting, volunteering and organic gardening. Laura McIntosh is a gentleman and a scholar. She enjoys working with paints, fabrics, glue, and whatever other neato tidbits come her way most recently a very enthralling Bedazzler and some broken shoes.

McIntosh is in the process of completing her Bachelors Degree in Illustration at Emily Carr University, after which she hopes to take over the world. Nora Curiston is a painter and sculptor living in Grand Forks. Caroline lives in Wells year round, painting during the winters and working out at Bowron Lake during the summer. Paula began painting in her late thirties, is mainly self taught and credits the BC Festival of the Arts and Island Mountain Arts workshops for much of her development as an artist.

Her work is mainly autobiographical; memories, feelings and muses of the world from her perspective meant to provoke thought.