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Graham stood in the doorway, his shoulders bunched in aggression. The angered voice of the police chief came from the darkened hallway inside the building.

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I hope the sex was worth it, because you have totally screwed any secrecy we had about our operations. I should fire you! This was her fault. Graham had been kicked off an assignment because of her big mouth. Without a response, Graham stormed from the building, slamming the door behind him. Morgan flinched, shrinking back against her car. When Graham started toward her in an angry stalk, she rushed out an apology.

'Bolam' in Australia - More Bark than Bite?

With a yelp, Morgan freed her arm and climbed into her car. She held her breath anxiously, waiting to see if he was going to join her or if he was simply going to send her away. She let her breath out slowly in relief when he climbed into the passenger seat. If he got in the car, that meant he was at least going to hear her out.

More bark than bite? The role of livestock guarding dogs in predator control on Namibian farmlands

Morgan turned over the engine and shot him a weary look. The air was thick with an uncomfortable silence that she was too afraid to break. Morgan Phillips is in a bind. She needs a big, meaty story and soon — but the only thing worth reporting is a series of grisly murders and no one is talking. Officer Graham Audrick had helped her out of a few scrapes, and frequents a small diner Morgan knew.

Russia’s Military Exercises in the Arctic Have More Bark Than Bite

When one thing leads to another all too soon she learns she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Although the ability has always existed to delete cookies before now, the default setting in Chrome activated all types of cookies for every user.

Last month, Google announced plans to change the way cookies are handled in Google Chrome. The updates will require developers to label cookies as either same-site first-party cookies or cross-site third-party cookies and give users the option to opt-out of one or both types of cookies.

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Google has said that they are not planning to disable third-party cookies in any way. Rather, they are giving users more control over the types of cookies used in their browser. Users will need to change the default settings in the Chrome browser to restrict cookies. Cookies may be evolving, but they are not going away. Google itself, for its doubleclick. Google clearly recognizes the importance of third-party cookies on the entire digital ecosystem.

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