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Dataset Citation. Cite this dataset when used as a source.

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Dataset Identifiers. ISO Metadata. Department of Commerce ncei.

Publication Dates No administrative dates available Data Presentation Form Hardcopy image - image archived in analog format Dataset Progress Status Historical archive - data has been stored in an offline storage facility Data Update Frequency Not planned Purpose The results of this experiment were used to improve how meteorologists predicted and understood clear air turbulence as well as improve aircraft design. Dataset Citation Cite this dataset when used as a source. Department of Commerce.

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Use Constraints Cite this dataset when used as a source. Users assume responsibility to determine the usability of these data. The user is responsible for the results of any application of this data for other than its intended purpose. If appropriate, NCEI can only certify that the data it distributes are an authentic copy of the records that were accepted for inclusion in the NCEI archives. Fees In most cases, electronic downloads of the data are free, however fees may apply for data certifications, copies of analog materials, and data distribution on physical media.

From there, Turner Hospital's critically acclaimed eight novels and four collections of short stories have continued to explore shadow and darkness, and the struggle to express that. Forecast: Turbulence opens with the depiction of a child, Lachlan, hovering in the background of preparations for his sister's wedding, and wondering whether their estranged father will appear on the day.

Lachlan is blind, but can read footsteps and interpret the vibrations of others' movements. He remembers his father's departing hug, and associates it with his freshly laundered shirt, thereafter curling up in the laundry basket for solace, until the scents of bleach and steam and washing powder collide with his father's retreating words: "I'm drowning, mate, and I just can't breathe.

In "Salvage" there is a similar compression, through which protagonist Rufus, skipper of a whale-watching boat, translates whale song, which he feels as a caress and affirmation in the wake of the loss of his mother many years earlier.

Turner Hospital works to find, in the literal, the bones of metaphor. In this case, mute, outcast Rufus knows that the rumours that hum about him "multiply like krill" and that cruel jokes move "stealthy as a harpoon". He feels, but refuses to count the resulting "contusions" and hears entire phrases "sharp as fish hooks".

There's a kind of flamboyance to this, as Turner Hospital presses the metaphorical from the literal, working and reworking with her central metaphors.

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One of the darkest currents in the collection relates to the vulnerability of children. Early stories in the collection centre on bereft and brutalised children, most horrifically in the almost-unbearable "Weather Maps", in which two young teenage girls visit their mothers' boyfriends in prison, their conversation mapping the hidden cuts of their shared self-harm and the abuse they suffer at the hands of these ersatz fathers.

Simon is an academic, prone to reflection. Or, as Turner Hospital puts it, "steamrollering on in a melancholy, academic way": "Harm seems so arbitrary. It terrifies me. Warned by Simon of approaching rain, she replies that she's "always adored walking in the rain". And although she repeats this to her babies as they set off for their walk, she also expresses dislike of the neighbour: "I don't like that man.

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He watches us. Woven around this atrocity are other kinds of darkness, as questions of responsibility emerge, along with even darker questions of the possibility of others finding pleasure in the crime.

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The unknowability of the child's fate and the hopes, despair and fantasies that cling to it resonate in the title story, "Forecast: Turbulence", where a university student meets her estranged father. The story's twist underlines again the idea of the unknown as the darkest place, and the resistance of the unknown. The pieces in the collection are connected by their transformation of turbulent weather conditions into markers of characters' emotional states.