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Student Activities for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Include:

Grades PreK. Other Not Grade Specific. Higher Education. Adult Education. CCSS Math. English Language Arts. Foreign Language. Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. Get students moving around the classroom and interacting intimately with scenes from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with these task cards.

The Describe It, Draw It, Do It Activities ask students to describe, draw, act out, take a selfie of, sculpt or freeze 40 different scenes from the novel. English Language Arts , Literature. Add to cart. Wish List. English Language Arts , Reading , Literature. Activities , Multimedia , Novel Study.

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Explore satire with Huck Finn and other works! This unit focuses on satirical targets using The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as its core text. Activities , Fun Stuff , Handouts. The map, which starts in his hometown of St. Activities , Fun Stuff , Novel Study.

Teaching Twain and ‘Huckleberry Finn’ With The New York Times

Most high school students have an opinion on that controversial pejorative- the N-word- that appears times in the Mark Twain novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Furthermore, they want to express their opinion in a safe and nurturing academic environment. A study of that infamous word in. Lesson Plans Individual , Assessment , Printables. This is a gallery walk assignment for Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn that requires students to view and write about images related to the text.

A gallery walk is an activity that requires students to circulate around the room while thoughtfully observing and analyzing visual content. I have included. English Language Arts , Literature , Writing. Activities , Novel Study , Graphic Organizers. The 3-page PDF includes a detailed assignm. Huck Finn Ch. Use this worksheet as either a solo or team activity to help students look critically at the Col. Sherburn incident in Ch. This 2-page PDF includes a student worksheet and detailed answer key that includes discussion points to hit with the class as. Worksheets , Activities , Novel Study.

Use this worksheet as either a solo or team activity to encourage students to look critically at the Grangerford household. This 2-page PDF includes a student worksheet and detailed answer. Use this worksheet as either a solo or team activity to help students look critically at the white fog incident in Ch. This activity is based on the ice-breaker "Two Truths and a Lie. Two of the statements are to be true, and one is to be a lie.

Students are cha. Activities , Fun Stuff. Three activities relative to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; however all formats can be adapted to other novel study. Included are: 1. A vocabulary activity or assessment 2.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn LitPlan A Novel Unit Teacher Guide With Daily Lesson Plans LitP

But, first and foremost, there is a darned entertaining story. A teacher who doesn't already enjoy the book as such probably shouldn't teach it. Be sure you genuinely like Huck Finn before sharing it with your students. Because it is realistic, Huck Finn is, at times, quite painful. However, it is also quite funny. Here art mirrors life: The book's humor makes the journey bearable. Allow your students to revel in Twain's comedy.

For instance, many students find Huck's dialect hilarious. How much of the book is read aloud is a teacher's prerogative, but the teacher, to allow students the opportunity to hear the speech patterns effectively performed must read the first portion of the book aloud. Be dramatic! Read with flair! Play Huck to the hilt! If you have an associate who can do it better, invite him into your classroom for a guest reading.

You cannot over emphasize Huck's wretched grammar. Poking fun at both characters This leads to a second crucial point: No fun can be poked at Jim that cannot be poked at Huck. The book's detractors have missed, or ignored, this fact. Are Huck's speech patterns any more impressive? Are Pap's? Twain's eye for human inconsistency is the soul of his beautiful ironies.

In Huck Finn , characters who mock Jim's ignorance are themselves awash in ignorance. Student readers must be made to grasp this.

Teaching Twain and 'Huck Finn' With The New York Times - The New York Times

For example, early in the novel, Jim manifests his superstitious nature through his declared belief in witches. However, this does not take place until after Chapter 1, wherein Huck already has revealed himself to be equally irrational; he frets over the bad luck that killing a spider surely must bring him and over the omens inherent in the howling of dogs and the hootings of owls. These ironies are richly, though subtly, scattered throughout the novel. My African American students, especially, became adept at uncovering them. One such student took particular delight in pointing out Huck's ignorance of the trappings of European royalty in Chapter 14, the very chapter in which Huck declares the impossibility of teaching Jim anything at all.

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Discovering these dualities is your students' key to understanding the novel. Huck is much smarter than Jim Jim knows nothing about children and family life Huck Finn teaches us this: That which we're certain we know of others is, more often than not, as suspect as that which we're certain we know of ourselves.

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Sometimes, though, Twain's humor conceals nothing profound; it's simply comedy for comedy's sake. This is another reason the book works.

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Teenagers' television and movie choices testify to their love of silliness. Many of my students laughed out loud at my reading of the ridiculous conversations of Tom Sawyer's gang Chapter 2 and Huck's female impersonation Chapter Affect a falsetto in the latter performance -- even if you're already a woman -- and let your students enjoy the parody. Real learning takes place All is not fun and games, however, and Huck Finn 's more serious episodes provide the final arena wherein real learning will take place.

Huck is sometimes a clown; he is at all times a rebel. This complaint of many of Huck Finn 's original readers strikes unwittingly at the heart of young Huck's journey to maturity. Huck's ultimate decision to assist Jim was a blatant rebellion against the mores and ethics of society.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Fun Activities

If allowed to admire Huck's rebel spirit, your students -- rebels themselves -- ultimately will share in his heroic victory. I have found two of the book's more distressing episodes to be chief junctures that demand scrutiny as a class. The first is Pap's horrific "govment" speech in Chapter VI. Some teachers will be tempted to whitewash its ugliness. Pap's racist harangue more effectively reveals the evils Huck must overcome than do Twain's brief descriptions of slavery and Huck's constant use of the "n-word. What they don't often hear are brutally honest revelations of the heart of hardcore racism.

Sentiments like Pap's are not uncommon; the expression of them, in such straightforward fashion, often is. I read Pap's speech aloud to my students. I try to sound as indignant as Pap would have sounded if we could have heard him. On one occasion, after I finished, a white girl said meekly, "Mr. Harris, those were the ugliest words I've ever heard.